Hall of Fame - Batting | LaTrobe Valley & District Cricket League
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Hall of Fame - Batting

Grade Type 
Match Format 
112730427714812662956384127*Robert PhoenixMirboo North2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade6 1Moe
21254284814822232956379125John KeighranChurchill2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade4 1Mirboo North
311234763214820462956385112Blake MillsMorwell2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade6 1CATS
41021508443148145482956377102Chris R StanlakeMorwell Tigers Yinnar Raiders2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade4 1Morwell
5903469631482046295638690Kris FortuinMorwell2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade7 1Moe
6884138114814548295637788Michael J HigginsMorwell Tigers Yinnar Raiders2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade4 1Morwell
7713277041482223295638771*Brendan MasonChurchill2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade7 1CATS
8703464241482046295636870*Mark CukierMorwell2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade1 1Churchill
9693481381482222295638569Joshua KeyhoeCATS2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade6 1Morwell
10633469261481266295638063Shane PetersMirboo North2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade5 1Morwell
1162150844314814548295637162Chris R StanlakeMorwell Tigers Yinnar Raiders2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade2 1CATS
12623469261481266295637362*Shane PetersMirboo North2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade2 1Morwell
1360428481482223295638260John KeighranChurchill2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade5 1Moe
14603416511482223295638360Ben KearnsChurchill2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade6 2Morwell Tigers Yinnar Raiders
15584605461482047295639158Patrick J SpiteriMoe2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade8 1Morwell Tigers Yinnar Raiders
16584138114814548295638358Michael J HigginsMorwell Tigers Yinnar Raiders2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade6 2Churchill
1756428481482223295638356John KeighranChurchill2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade6 1Morwell Tigers Yinnar Raiders
1856412071482222295638156Rory HareCATS2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade5 1Morwell Tigers Yinnar Raiders
19527227701482047295638452*Keenan HughesMoe2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade6 1Mirboo North
205216855751482222295638752Tinashe PanyangaraCATS2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade7 1Churchill
2150955311482222295637150Ben JulinCATS2018/2019LV&DCL Premier A Grade2 1Morwell Tigers Yinnar Raiders
Note: Qualification levels for this report are 50 and 100 runs.

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